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8+ Ways to Expand Your Reach and Accelerate Growth | Recruiting News

How many times do we need to be reminded, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In the spirit of using opposites for illustration, think on this: Some things in life are just too good NOT to be true.

Get Rich Fast – too good to be true, or too good NOT to be true? Depends on how you answer these two questions:

  1. What does it mean to be rich?

  2. How does one live a richer, fuller life?

To answer, you have to understand the word rich. It is derived from a root word meaning reach. You become richer when you reach out and expand any dimension of your life, accomplished by leaping outside your comfort zone and targeting big, hairy audacious goals (BHAGS) or Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).

Fact: while we all live under the same sky, we all do not have the same view of the horizon. This is precisely why we must all constantly seek to extend our reach. Here is a 9-point plan for growing richer:

  1. Reach for greater wisdom. This is very personal, yet every life requires a devotion to lifelong learning. In fact, lessons will be taught to us until they are learned. A commitment to learning everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can is essential to growth. You will be thankful you devoted yourself to expanding your knowledge. This is why reading great books, listening to motivational messages, challenging conventional wisdom and engaging in higher quality conversations are surefire ways to live a richer, fuller and more complete life.

  2. Reach for physical wellbeing. Expand your energy, challenge your physical limits, and improve your ability to perform, thereby achieving a fuller life. Prove to yourself no goal is out of reach. Commit to getting better, faster, and stronger each day. Be convicted staying in top shape is not a fad nor a trend. It is, instead, a rich lifestyle. When you choose to make healthy living and fitness a priority, rightly focused upon, you will enjoy the blessings that come from being in excellent physical shape.

  3. Reach for recreation. When you spend time in joyful experience of your favorite pursuits, you are living a richer life. When you make time for rest, relaxation and renewal without guilt, you are ensuring the greatest return in your current and future performance. Whatever you decide to do with your time and your talents, by all means, use them to design time for happiness. We both lose ourselves and find ourselves in doing the things we love.

  4. Reach out to family. Great that we are just about to enjoy Thanksgiving, so this is freshly with us. Spending time strengthening, clarifying, and enhancing relationships with your mate, kids, parents and siblings makes you richer and builds a more satisfying life. We exist to elevate one another. We have a purpose of cheering each other on….to strengthen and encourage, not to degrade, undermine or chastise. Therefore, reach and give your family wings to soar. By concerning yourself with elevating and enriching the lives of others, you automatically elevate yourself!

  5. Reach out to friends. Focus on developing, deepening, cultivating, elevating and balancing relationships with both new and old friends, to enjoy a fulfilling life. A true friend is one of the greatest of all blessings, and you are rich beyond measure when you are surrounded by people you love, trust, admire, believe in and who believe in you.

  6. Reach out to community. The definition of a life well lived is one including service to others. Giving back is always in style, and by reaching out to the world around you to make the lives of others better, you are expanding your social consciousness. The driving question in your life should be changed from, “How can I be more successful,” to, “What can I do to impact significantly the mission, performance, and overall health of the company and community I serve?” By focusing on giving back and elevating others, you automatically become richer.

  7. Reach for your career. When you make the clear and confident decision to commit your life to being the very best in class and always increase your level of skill and mastery, you are reaching out…! Preeminence is the one single concept which will define whether you truly succeed in having a rich, rewarding and remarkable career. It holds-up, advocates and champions every best and noble practice known. By focusing on preeminence, your reputation is enriched, your options become more abundant, and your rewards will be far more fruitful.

  8. Reach out financially. Money is the reward you receive for the service you have rendered. The more value you offer, the greater will be your reward. When you begin to think of ways in which you can be of greater service to others, you will quickly begin to earn more money; a focus on real value creation is the hallmark of success and the gateway to financial prosperity. The more value you add, the more valuable you become. Caveat: money is not the first priority in the lives if the genuinely happy. Health, relationships, friends, growth in wisdom and mental wellbeing are all far more important to the happiest among us.

Robert Browning said, “A man’s reach must exceed his grasp.” This reaching, this expanding one’s comfort zone, this pursuit of Big, Hairy Audacious goals is the pursuit of a richer, fuller, far more prosperous life.

So, do you want to get rich quick? Remember, every BIG goal in life is out of reach…until you reach it. Never stop reaching….this is the only way to get rich fast.

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