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7+ Ways to Optimize Your Assets for Peak Performance | Recruiting News

No matter how fast and optimized your computer is when it is new, a year later, it is bound to be bogged down with antispyware, antimalware, antivirus and all the other cool software you felt you needed to run your life. After adding tons of videos, music and other minutia you couldn’t live without, it slows even further. The slowdown is so gradual, you barely notice it, until, one day, you go to open something truly essential, and the drag on the hard drive makes it nearly impossible..

You wonder, “What happened? Why is the thing so sluggish?”

Whatever the cause, be it all those cool videos you have made for burgeoning clogger career or the super software or app you cannot function without, the solution is always optimization – the modifying or rearranging of software to make the computer operate more efficiently, execute more rapidly, and to use less resources, such as memory. This also serves as the metaphor for today’s message….

Optimize your Assets

In the exact same way you optimize your computer so that it operates at maximum capacity, we should all engage in an activities that will help us optimize our performance so that we work more efficiently, execute more rapidly, conserve resources, and ultimately, win far more consistently. In addition, we should all examine modifying certain behaviors, habits and relationships that deplete us and are a drag on peak performance.

Let’s get busy with a tune up…!

You and I both know that, no matter how well we are doing today, we could always do better….MUCH better. You are capable of adding far more value, making greater contributions, experiencing much higher energy levels and dramatically multiplying your performance to make a daily positive impact on your company, your life, and the lives of those around you.

In order for you to create this superior level of performance, some things must change. That requires optimizing your assets.

So, how do you transcend obstacles? How do you manage the complexities and pressures, the demands and obligations, the stress and the expectations that have accumulated and slowed you down as your life and your business have evolved? How do you take a few steps back, reassess, rethink, rearrange and modify your priorities? How do you optimize your assets and position yourself for a bigger, better, bolder and brighter future?

The majority of people spend their lives stuck. It is a sad reality many of us will deliver average results that lead us to average lives. It is in our human nature to move to the middle. No amount of working longer or harder will take us above that. That is why optimization is crucial to peak performance and ongoing growth.

While conventional thinking is only capable of reproducing the average, we should all be creating strategies that fast track performance and build in us and our teams an exponential mindset.

What follows are seven strategies for multiplying your performance and optimizing your exponential mindset. By concentrating on doing these seven things, you will build a mindset to maximize whatever results matter most to your teams and your career.

  1. Optimize your vision. You will never go further than the vision that guides you. In order to achieve more than you ever thought possible, optimize your vision for the future. See for yourself a future that is bigger, bolder and brighter than your past. It is the capacity to see the invisible that inspires us to do the seemingly impossible. A compelling and fully optimized vision can change your life, your business, your community and even humanity. Vision is the only thing that has ever lead to change.

  2. Optimize your energy. Energy, not time, is the fundamental currency of high performance. Those who reach peak performance engage fully and disengage completely, periodically. That act of disengagement allows for essential reflection and renewal. As obvious as this seems, we often fail to take into account the importance energy has in our lives. Absent of the correct quantity, quality, focus and forces of energy, we all become compromised in any endeavor we undertake. Remember, an abundance of natural energy is your contribution to and your reward from other people, projects and circumstances.

  3. Optimize your relationships. Peak performers understand a key to living a highly successful life is to cut loose those relationships, habits, situations and activities that drain energy. As these high maintenance, unwanted elements are eliminated, they free up their most valuable talents and find themselves surrounded with relationships that boost and support their energy. This reclaimed energy empowers you to grow your business and career exponentially, to dramatically improve the quality of your life, and to create a lifestyle that supports personal and professional success and happiness.

  4. Optimize your fuel. Unhealthy eating habits, poor nutrition and an overall lack of exercise all contribute to energy loss. A fully optimized life requires a fully optimized health and wellness plan. Every step you take to properly fuel yourself increase the energy you have to devote to more rewarding uses.

  5. Optimize your contributions. To enjoy a fully optimized life, you must make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others. Do this by focusing your time and talent on helping others harness their greatest gifts, conquer their biggest fears, maximize their true strengths and capture their largest opportunities. Every institution needs better performance in the developing of the leaders of tomorrow. If deprived of this sacred duty, potential will decay and die. To ensure we all reach our greatest potential, an ongoing focus on the unique and valuable contributions of each person on the team must be foundational to optimizing your life. Celebrate and encourage the success of others.

  6. Optimize your joy. You have a duty and an obligation to pursue happiness. It is an essential part of your journey. We are accountable for all we do, as well as all we do not do, to include not seeking proper, permitted pleasures during our lifetime. Optimize your mind to enhance a sense of wellbeing. Put joy at the core of what you do and value. It should be incorporated in every decision you make, every relationship you enter, and every activity in which you partake. Those who live a joy filled life, who share that joy and find ways to spread joy live in true wisdom and they operate at the peak of their peer group.

  7. Optimize your knowledge. This is vital for making informed decisions about our lives and our future. Something new is always happening and there are significant shifts in our industry, technology and policies requiring interrogation, deeper understanding, and better application. This means being a lifelong student seeking wisdom and knowledge that benefits you, your families and your company. In the exact same way, we can add memory and programs to our computer, we can always upgrade our knowledge base to give ourselves a sustainable competitive advantage. Lifelong learning rightly interpreted has no ending and should be as inseparable from normal life as food and exercise.

Design your career to help you fulfill all of these seven elements. This is a way of thinking and optimizing your life to naturally increase results.

When you determine to use multipliers and optimization, you are always looking for and creating ways to get bigger, better and bolder results with the same or even decreased effort. You are always discovering ways to find more joy and fulfillment, and you are always paving get the road ahead to achieve your goals faster and easier.

It is all about productivity and leverage. Today, design a plan to fully implement the optimized life described in the seven steps above. This exponential mindset will help you expand your vision, increase your energy, create more value and ensure you operate with real speed and true precision, just like your new computer.

If you are interested in learning more about working with a company who operates this way to recruit the best possible talent in your space, we are here to help. At CercaTalent+, we employ all the best strategies and more to ensure you meet and hire only the top candidates in your industry and engage the professionals who will help your company thrive. We will tirelessly work to ensure you fulfill your talent search goals by exceeding expectations every day.

To optimize your recruiting process and more, reach out to me, Scott Rivers, via email:

Adapted from 100 Day Challenge Gary Ryan Blair

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